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A Persuasive Slice

As you all know I am taking a Mass Media class in my program and still learning some very interesting theories I have never heard of before. This week one of the theories is called, The Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM). It talks about how persuasive communication can be effective through two main routes. Below is a video that describes this model very clearly and concisely.

Who wouldn't want to learn about persuasive communication? We all have wants and needs that need to be met. Sometimes these are in the hands of others and we need to find a way to get them to buy into our idea (figuratively or literally).

There are two main pathways in ELM: a central route or a peripheral route. Is the person receiving the information likely to really pay attention and think about the communication he/her/they just received or does it not even matter because the information came from his/her/their favorite pro football player?

As I did some more research on persuasive communication in general I came across an article from Cutting Edge PR that describes it in four steps:

  1. Establish your credibility

  2. Frame goals in a way that identify common ground with those to be persuaded

  3. Reinforce your positions using vivid language and compelling evidence

  4. Emotionally connect with audience

These steps sound like a peripheral route. This seems to be what I have been using so far in my life. For example, when I had my vegan/gluten-free baking business for athletes most of my sales were done from social media. I established my credibility because my educational and professional qualifications were listed on my site and bio. My goal was to sell Diesel Cakes to people that wanted healthier options for dessert. I presented this in the form of posting pictures of items I made fresh, including the nutritional facts and why these various ingredients are beneficial to one's health. Food naturally evokes numerous emotions on its' own, but I also connected emotionally with my audience through my customer service and personal interaction with my followers.

Pictured: Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Diesel Cakes

In the future, I want to help my Mom sell her artwork. Sometimes people go into a purchase knowing what they want and already have done a lot of research (central route). When selling artwork online or with dealers this may be the case, but if we are at an art show and potential customers are just walking around browsing, then this is a different story. This is where my tactics from before come in handy (peripheral route). Having my Mom's biography displayed and including her awards may help her gain credibility with art show patrons. Also, presenting the paintings in a friendly, creative and appealing space will do wonders. Having a warm and inviting presence myself with customers will help welcome them into our space.

Pictured: An oil on canvas painting by my Mom, Vicky Patrikakos, "NSBirds"

Who knows what theories I will be implementing by the end of this course though? Every week I learn about more theories that could be useful in various situations.

Stay tuned for more...


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